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The Emerald Tablet; and the Alchemy of Spiritual Transformation - Special eBook offer

The fast-cut montage that begins the Secret video features scenes from a mysterious green tablet - the Emerald Tablet. The Secret book begins with an eight-word excerpt attributed to the Emerald Tablet, circa 3000 BCE: "As above, so below. As within, so without." But after the brief acknowledgement, Byrne and her team of best selling authors and coaches never again mention this Emerald Tablet nor the Hermetic philosophy and teachings associated with it. 

Explore the Tablet's mysterious and universal formula for personal transformation and collective evolution through this much anticipated eBook. This wisdom was protected and became the cornerstone for Hermetic sciences and philosophy.  

Free Preview   Special eBook offer


The Power behind "the Secret". "The Law of Attraction: Its Expressions and Idioms" The Law of Attraction is an important part in the Secret. Excerpts from the original authors works they may be, but complete they are in the singular thought process of some of the greatest authors of their time on the Law of Attraction and its expressions and idioms. These authors have influenced many of the self-help gurus of our present time; their writings are timeless. 

This 155 page ebook contains excerpts from The Secret of Success by William W. Atkinson, The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend, Within You is the Power by Henry T. Hamblin, Your Forces and How to Use Them By Christian Larson, As a Man Thinketh By James Allen, Self Mastery By Emile Coué, The Science of Mind By Ernest Holmes, Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill, The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism By Theron Q. Dumont, The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science By Thomas Troward, and much more. See free preview for contents.   Free Preview   Special eBook offer


Give your family and friends a gift that will last a lifetime.
Donald Gordon Carty, founder of the Personal Development Institute, is an avid reader and passionate student of Human Potential and Development. He is not only one of the best presenters of Personal Development information in the World, but he is also a man on a mission;  to awaken people to a new way of thinking about what it is to be human and what it takes to make life and work more rewarding and fulfilling.  

After nearly four decades of  analysis, research and practical experience Donald is bringing  this key information for achieving success and fulfillment to the individual person who needs it most.  "83 of the Greatest Classic Success, Self Help, Spiritual & Inspirational PDF Books" contains everything you need for your personal development journey on one single CD-ROM. Special Introductory Offer

You've probably heard the buzz surrounding "the Secret"-Online or through the Worldwide Television Event. On the Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live. Well, the Secret behind "the Secret" is here. In this power-packed workbook " The Science of Getting Rich" Wallace D. Wattles and Donald Gordon Carty explain how you can learn to think and act in a Certain Way. When you think and act in the Certain Way, he explains, you become truly rich, and bring the power of lasting transformation into your life. But you must learn to think and act in a Certain Way. 

You begin by learning What to Think. Includes Bonus material from The Science of Being Great & The Science of Being Well. Plus Winning Love, Discovering Your Hidden Self & exercises for Concentration and Breathing.         Buy the paperback   Special eBook offer


"Your Invisible Power and Attaining Your Desires" by Genevieve Behrend and Donald Gordon Carty. 

"Your Invisible Power" is a powerful, yet simple and easy book that can teach you how to use the power of visualization and other processes taught by T. Troward to transform your life. “Attaining Your Desires” is a seven-lesson presentation of the heart-coinings of Troward in the style of the greatest of all speculative philosophers, Plato. 

The intuitive writing style, is radiant with spirituality and charming naïveté and includes additional study content and in a workbook format.
 Buy the paperback 


"The Master Key System" by Charles F. Haanel and Donald Gordon Carty is the only 24 Lesson presentation of the Creative Power of Thought. It teaches the ultimate principles, cause, effects, and laws that underlie all Attainment and Success.

Now is the time to Open the Secret to all you need to get what you want out of life.
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"Your Personal Road Map for Success" By Donald Gordon Cartywill teach you how to make better use of your unlimited potential and become successful in all areas of your life. This is a "Practical" course which, in a short time, will guide you to the summit of the art of living and success.

Now is the time for you to discover them.
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"Within You is the Power" by Henry Thomas Hamblin and Donald Gordon Carty. The object of this little book is to help men and women to bring their inward powers of mind and spirit into expression, wisely and in harmony with universal law; to build up character, and to find within themselves that wondrous Self, which is their real self, and which, when found, reveals to them that they are literally and truly sons and daughters of the Infinite.

Free Preview  Buy the paperback  Special eBook offer


Over 60 of The Greatest Self Help, Success and Spiritual eBooks ever written. Now Available for $1.99 each or less than $1.00 when you Buy the Entire Personal Success Library Collection! 



Law of Success  in Sixteen Lessons  by Napoleon Hill. Of all of his works, none have ever matched his landmark The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons.  First published in 1928, these sixteen lessons became the world's first comprehensive philosophy of personal achievement. Plus The master Key system by Charles F. Haanel, Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend, The science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, and much, much, more, for a total of 32 Classic eBooks.


"Elegantly simple phrases and resolutions on how to change ones life for the better. Reinforces a long-held belief of mine; That many of the better rules for a productive life can still be found in ancient literature, fairy tales, and religious writings."

Meditations & Spoken Word Inspiration Previews and Free downloads


Free Health and Healing Information

five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation

Health Secrets of the Hunzas

Centenarian Foods

Letting Go of the Past

Resolutions for Change: Not just a New Year's thing

17 Fundamental Principle of Success (Scrolls)

The Law of Attraction is the Secret of Success that demonstrates how we create the things, events, and people that come into our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn, attract like energies. 

3 Free Personal Development Instruments

Listen and watch this wonderful Message and Interview (an Interview with God).

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Donald G. Carty


Free eBooks

Waterton Lake, Boundary Mts, Alberta (Gerry Ellis)
Free eBook - "Yogananda Affirmations by Paramahansa Yogananda". Many of us use affirmations as one of our daily practices to improve our lives.  There are many excellent affirmations available from various sources. In the hundred years since the birth of Paramahansa Yogananda, this beloved world teacher has come to be recognized as one of the greatest emissaries to the West of India's ancient wisdom. His life and teachings continue to be a source of light and inspiration to people of all races, cultures and creeds.


Man Combines ThoughtsFree Program and Workbook. "HAMR Starter - Rewire Your Own Brain - by David Kenyon Nelms". The Hammer is a speedy technique that is used to install or reinforce a particular thought pattern. By installing just the right thoughts you can improve your outlook on life and gain a bit of motivation. Goals and motivation morph into action, which leads to rewards, which become confidence, higher self-esteem and even happiness. The following instructional pages carry the essence of Nelms's system and will teach you how to use his techniques quickly and effectively. [1] an exercise (the Hammer) that enables you to reinforce a given thought pattern and [2] a simple workbook that will get you feeling better right now.


Your FREE eBook, "The Shepherds Prayer - A Christmas Novel - by Richard M. Barry". “It’s a never-before told story about a group of men who, I believe, may be some of the greatest unsung heroes in the Bible. I’d like to raise awareness about what might have happened to them, so offering the book as a free download was an easy decision to make. I started thinking about those untold stories and, after researching them, found that they were inspiring stories that were begging to be told,” Barry said. “And so I set out to try to tell them in a way that would lead the reader on his or her own journey to discover Christ and what it truly means to be a Christian.”


Your FREE eBook, "The Master Key Psychological Chart - by Charles F. Haanel" It is a Psychological fact that ninety percent of our mental power is never or seldom used.  Therefore, most men and women have the power to achieve ten times as much as they ever accomplished. This chart will tell you exactly where you stand, what you are accomplishing, and what you can accomplish if you make the necessary effort. - Charles F. Haanel. (This Chart will help you to measure your Mental Product, Health, Time efficiency, Creative Power, and Concentration)


Your FREE eBook, "Lifestyle Risk Reduction Model - Reducing Drug and Alcohol Problems for a Lifetime" The Lifestyle Risk Reduction Model is a prevention model developed in the hopes of  keeping people of all ages from experiencing alcohol and drug problems throughout their lifetime. The Lifestyle Risk Reduction Model defines prevention as: A comprehensive and systematic effort to reduce the risk that an individual of any age who does not already have alcoholism or other drug addiction will experience alcohol- or drug-related health or impairment problems at any point in life.


Your FREE eBook, "Blessings in Adversity." by Frank J. Lunn. Each one of us will go through pain, difficulties and adversity in our lives. At one time or another, we will all feel a weight on us so heavy we can barely breathe. Avoiding this reality will not make it go away, nor will it allow us to grow. "My purpose and passion in writing this is to share practical strategies and ideas with a new perspective. Within each of the adversities we will face in our lives, whether simple ones like a clogged toilet or a babysitter that doesn't show up, to more serious ones like loss of a career or loss of a loved one, that there is still value to find… If you know where and how to look."


Your FREE eBook, "The Richest Man in Babylon." by George S. Clason. is an aging chestnut. This is a 23 page review of the classic in the field. Many later financial books are based on Clason's advice, which is framed in King James-style English rules:
Rule #1: Start Thy Purse Fattening — save 10% of everything you earn
Rule #2: Control Thy Expenditures — create a budget to live within your means
Rule #3: Make Thy Gold Multiply — invest the savings from rule one
Rule #4: Guard Thy Treasures From Loss — invest only where the principal is safe
Rule #5: Make of Thy Dwelling a Profitable Investment — own your home
Rule #6: Insure a Future Income — plan for retirement
Rule #7: Increase Thy Ability to Earn — become better educated, more skilled; respect yourself


Your FREE eBook, "Personal Development Success Quotes.- 365 Daily Quotes" compiled by Donald G. Carty.  A different one for every day of the Year. This Collection of Personal Development Success Quotes is the result of working through 6 major quote books, books of my personal library, and many comprehensive internet collections from around the world. Please Enjoy. 



Your FREE eBook, Achieve Your Goals. This workbook was designed to teach anyone-whether changing careers, or wanting to improve their personal lives – the tools and techniques they need to achieve their goals.  Since the future is often hazy and reasonable goals are so difficult to set and follow, it is critical that people learn how to focus themselves and their skills to this end.



Your FREE eBook, "A World of Wisdom - Quotations for Enlightenment" compiled by Donald G. Carty.  This collection of words of wisdom quotes (over 600 quotes) is the result of working through 6 major quote books, books of my personal library, and many comprehensive internet collections from around the world. All together a first harvest, having read some 60,000 Western and Eastern quotes. My only criteria were that the quote had to make me smile, wow or be thoughtful. I avoided those with too much superficial holiness and moral doctrine. Hope you enjoy what I've found.  


Your FREE eBook, "How to Turn Desires Into Action & Achieve Success." excerpt from "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. "Everything man creates or acquires, begins in the form of DESIRE, desire is taken on the first lap of its journey, from the abstract to the concrete, into the workshop of the IMAGINATION, where PLANS for its transition are created and organized." Napoleon Hill  

Your Support is very important for us to continue to Offer these Free Resources. Please Donate what you can. No Amount is too Small.

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Donald G. Carty


Free Mp3 Audio

Current Podcast Episodes (Rss Feed)

Welcome to the Success Live Podcast! Napoleon Hill, Dorothea Brande, Charles F. Haanel, Wallace D. Wattles, Genevieve Behrend, Thomas Troward, James Allen, Russell H. Conwell, William W. Atkinson, Theron Q. Dumont, Ernest Holmes, Mildred Mann, Kahlil Gibran, Marcus Aurelius, -these are only some of the brilliant minds who have been gathered together for the first time in history in the fulfillment of the dream I have had for many years - to publish the ultimate audio success library were only the acknowledged masters of that subject were made available to counsel and teach and guide you.

Getting Ready for Success & Hourly Helps with Genevieve Behrend - Segment 2. Getting Ready - From the book "Your Personal Road Map for Success" by Donald Gordon Carty - Contents; Your Inner Work Journal, Defining Moments in Your Life, "Experience" that Feeling of Success, Practice Exercise. Hourly Helps - From the book "Attaining Your Desires".

The Right To Be Rich & The First Principle in the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles - Segment 12.  Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich. 

The Master Key System; Part One by Charles F. Haanel - Segment 16. The secret to all you need to get what you want out of life; Health, Wealth, and Love, is already within you. Now, for the first time since Charles Haanel first introduced this enlightening home study course material, you can now listen and study it the way it was originally intended and distributed: one lesson per week. In Mp3 Audio available for free.

The Master Key System; Part Two by Charles F. Haanel - Segment 22.

The Master Key System; Part Three by Charles F. Haanel - Segment 24.

The Master Key System; Part Four by Charles F. Haanel 

The Master Key System; Part Five by Charles F. Haanel 

The Master Key System; Part Six by Charles F. Haanel

The Master Key System; Part Seven by Charles F. Haanel 

The Master Key System; Part Eight by Charles F. Haanel

The Law of Attraction in the Thought World by William Walker Atkinson - Segment 8. The Universe is governed by Law - one great Law. Its manifestations are multiform. but viewed from the Ultimate there is but one Law. We speak learnedly of the Law of Gravity, but ignore that equally wonderful manifestation, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IN THE THOUGHT WORLD.

The Secret Of Abundant Supply by Henry Thomas Hamblin - Segment 23.
It is a metaphysical truth that the outward life is a reflection of the thought life. Our life is affected by our habit of thinking and attitude of mind, in two ways: first, all our actions are unconsciously influenced by our thoughts, thus helping to brin...

Operation Of Your Mental Picture by Genevieve Behrend - Segment 21. There is nothing unusual or mysterious in the idea of your pictured desire coming into material evidence. It is the working of a universal, natural Law. The world was projected by the self-conception of the Universal Mind, and this action is taking place in...

The Constitution Of Man by C.W. Leadbeater - Segment 20. Man is therefore in essence a Spark of the Divine Fire, belonging to the monadic world. To that spark, dwelling all the time in that world, we give the name "Monad". For the purposes of human evolution the Monad manifests itself in lower worlds. When it de...

The Daily Miracle and Exceeding One's Programme by Arnold Bennett - Segment 19. Philosophers have explained space. They have not explained time. It is the inexplicable raw material of everything. With it, all is possible; without it, nothing. The supply of time is truly a daily miracle, an a fair genuinely astonishing when one examines...

Self-Help by Horatio W. Dresser - Segment 18. It is a truism today to affirm that miracles are impossible. The fabric of science rests on the knowledge that law is universal. If then, such cures occur - and they are too widely attested to doubt them - they must take place in accordance with a certain ...

The Science Of Mind; Lesson One, Intro. by Ernest S. Holmes - Segment 16. In presenting these lessons in Mental Science to the public, it is my desire to make it possible for any one, who cares to take the time to study them, to demonstrate the truths that will be discussed. It is, perhaps, hard to set down in writing a complete...

The Art Of Changing For The Better & He Can Who Thinks He Can by Christian Larson - Segment 15. Personal man gradually but surely grows into the likeness of that which he thinks of the most, and man thinks the most of what he loves the best. This is the law through which man has become what he is, and it is through the intelligent use of this law tha...

Soul-Force & Power of Desire by William W. Atkinson - Segment 14. You often have heard the word "Enthusiasm" used - have used it often yourself. But have you ever thought of what the word relly means - from what source it originated - what is its essential spirit? The word "Enthusiasm" is derived from the Greek term mean...

Will and Imagination & Suggestion and Autosuggestion by Emile Coue - Segment 13. Now that we have learned to realize the enormous power of the unconscious or imaginitive being, I am going to show you how this self, hitherto considered indomitable, can be as easily controlled as.......... From the Book "Self Mastery" by Emile Coue....

The Supreme Fact Of Human Life by Ralph Waldo Trine - Segment 11. From the great central fact of the universe, this Spirit of Infinite Life that is behind all and from which all comes, we are led to inquire as to what is the great central fact in human life. The great central fact in human life, in your life and mine...

Thought and Character & Effect of Thought on Circumstances by James Allen - Segment 10. The aphorism, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he," not only embraces the whole of a man's being, but it is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of his life. A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the co...

The Will to Fail and Righting the Direction with Dorothea Brande - Segment 9. From the disciples of Schopenhauer and Freud, of Nietzsche and Adler, we have all become conversant with such phrases as the Will to Live, and the Will to Power. These phrases, drive of the organism towards fulfillment and growth. But this idea of another ...

Entering Into The Spirit of It by Thomas Troward - Segment 7. The Spirit is that which gives life and movement to anything, in fact it is that which causes it to exist at all. The thought of the author, the impression of the painter, the feeling of the musician, is that without it their works could never have come in...

The Richest Man in Babylon tells his System by George S. Clason - Segment 6. "The Richest Man in Babylon tells his system." by George S. Clason, is an aging chestnut and an unusual parable that has delighted many. Rich man, poor man - it strikes the harp strings of common desire.Prominent men have said of it; "The finest bit of ...

How to Find Your Self by Mildred Mann - Segment 5. How do we find ourselves? We do so by going "within." We get to know ourselves, to understand how we are made, and then we learn to use the magnificant power within us. We do it by understanding the mind, what it is, and how it works. There is nothing more...

Desire: The Starting Point of All Achievement by Napoleon Hill - Segment 4. We who are in this race for riches, should be encouraged to know that this changed world in which we live is demanding new ideas, new ways of doing things, new leaders, new inventions, new methods of teaching, new methods of marketing, new books, new liter...

Winning Love by Wallace D. Wattles - Segment 3. Winning Love by Wallace D. Wattles - Just as it is true that it does not profit a man to gain the whole world if he lose his own soul, so it is true that good health, wealth, talent and success become valueless to the person who fails to attain happiness a...


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We hope you enjoyed your visit with us. Please give us Your Comments and Suggestions. If you did your Profile, Assessment and Mission Statement, you worked very hard. Congratulations, now go here and relax for an important message and Interview.

We hope you enjoyed your visit with us. Please give us Your Comments and Suggestions. If you did your Profile, Assessment and Mission Statement, you worked very hard. Congratulations, now go here and relax for an important message and Interview.