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Personal Development Institute Membership Pledge,
Standards and Code of Ethics

The Personal Development Institute is dedicated to motivating it's people to  discover and use more of their potential. All of it's members commit themselves to this objective by this "Code of Ethics".


1. Members agree to comply with local, state, federal and international laws regarding fair trade and business practices.

2. Members agree to comply with all regulations prohibiting discrimination based solely on race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or age.

3. Members agree to Think, Plan, and Work toward Goals that important to them. And will use a plan of Action

4. Members agree to attend meetings and workshops with enthusiasm and encourage a climate of motivation.

5. Members agree to refrain from using and/or displaying unnecessary levels of violence.

6. Members agree to maintain a program of continuous, professional education and improvement.

7. Members agree to exhibit  professionalism and integrity at all times.

8. Members agree to support a sense of community amongst other members. And promote high Ethical standards

9. Members agree to maintain a positive attitude and open mind when voting on issues related to PDI.

10. Members agree to operate with personal Integrity, when enhancing and promoting themselves using the Personal Development Institutes Corporate identity locally, nationally and Internationally.


Starting your own PDI Chapter

If  you are interested in starting your own PDI Chapter. We can put you in touch with your nearest PDI Adviser, who will take you through this easy process step by step. Click here for more information.