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Over 50 of The Greatest Self Help, Success and Spiritual eBooks ever written. Now Available for $1.99 each or less than $1.00 when you Buy the Entire Personal Success Library Collection! Earn Money - Become and Affiliate - It's Free!

Access  books, articles and resources

Jodon Publishing Group provides access to books, articles and resources that help people explore their human potential.
Access to 1000's of books, articles and resources for Personal Development and Growth.


Self Help Zone

Self Help Zone - A Place for Self Improvement and Personal Growth
Description: A complete source of information on self help, self improvement and personal growth. It has over 500 articles on personal development, covering topics such as self confidence, goal setting,
motivation, success and finding your purpose in life.


Self Help Tips

Self Help Bible
Description: It provides information on various fields like Financial
Success, Stress, Setting and Acheiving Goals, Parenting and Time Management.

Personal Organization Bookstore
Career Development Bookstore

The Center for Personal and development offers a wonderful collection of books for Personal and  Corporate Libraries and Learning Centers.

Training and Development

For over twenty-five years, ourWorld has been meeting the strategic learning initiatives of individuals, organizations, and training professionals.
 The one-day workshops and full-length programs are just another example of  how  combined experience and quality can deliver a powerful training experience!

Personal Development Self Help

Uncover your personal potential with these free resources and insights. SelfGrowth.net, by ourWorld, is dedicated to the synthesis of human potential, self organization and emergence.

A World of Wisdom - Quotations for Enlightenment

This collection of  Inspirational,  meditative, and motivational wisdom quotes (over 600 quotes) is the result of  working through 6 major quote books, books of my personal library, and  many  comprehensive  internet collections from around the world.

Diversity Training

We Connect® begins where other diversity training typically leaves off.

This interactive game allows individuals to build connections — and eventually relationships — with others who may differ in style, background, culture, or other areas of diversity. By surfacing common ground, individuals begin to break down barriers, defy stereotypes, and build trust.

Finally — an interactive diversity game that is easy to facilitate but drives home its point. Introducing Global Beads®, an innovative, experiential learning tool explores the ways in which factors such as race, gender, age, and religion play a role in socialization, and impact our interactions with others.


A Citizens' Forum is a simple process of small group deliberation.
The programs and publications are made available through the Study Circles Resource Center (SCRC). SCRC is a project of the Topsfield Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation dedicated to advancing deliberative democracy and improving the quality of public life in the United States. SCRC carries out its mission by promoting the use of small-group, democratic, highly participatory discussions known as study circles.

Productivity Improvement & Performance Enhancement

Consultants to Management Since 1976 
P.I.P.E Consultants
is a Productivity Improvement & Performance Enhancement Company, specializing in Personal and Organizational Development.

Meditations & Spoken Word Inspiration

"Donald G. Carty offers a unique glimpse & perspective to the inner workings & mind of man. His art & prose speak in a spirit of self empowerment & love. Combining an atmospheric & ethereal blend of musical ambiance , the meditations & spoken word inspiration of D.G.C. are a wonder-send to all who sample his beatific & spiritual art."

for ourWorld and its' Family of Companies to be the pre-eminent resource for developing personal self-organization and emergence.
is to provide insights, knowledge, programs and processes dedicated to the synthesis of human potential, self organization and emergence.
to develop effective leaders in the potential of their fellows so that they may carry a message of strength and hope.