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Our Vision

Our purpose is to awaken people to a new way of thinking about what it is to be human and what it takes to make life and work more rewarding and fulfilling.

In our vision we see great thinkers, leaders and mentors provoking new ideas and new solutions to the challenges of working in groups, organizations and communities. We see the Personal Development Institute playing a significant role in the evolution of this new consciousness and serving people as they embrace their own quest for success and fulfillment.

The Personal Development Institute  leads the way; setting standards for best practice in developing peak performance in individuals and teams. We are renowned for our expertise in coaching and guiding personal and organizational growth.

At the Personal Development Institute,

  • We go on developing ever-better ways to unleash the hidden potential of individuals and organisations
  • We are forever raising the standards for top coaching and mentoring
  • We continue to explore better ways to create unstoppable teams
This is our PACT with you. We will help your team unleash the Passion to think the unthinkable, develop the Authenticity to act with originality and integrity, find the Courage to do things differently, and build the Trust to make great things happen together. Our PACT is our definition of leadership.


The core values of the Personal Development Institute are:

Wisdom: We use good sense combined with the cumulative experiences of many seminal thinkers in the field of human development and excellence. We act with intelligence and common sense in all things. We don't take ourselves too seriously and encourage others to develop a lightness of touch in all that they do.

Responsibility: We are accountable for our decisions, actions and results. We do not believe in the limitations of any environment but in being response-able; able to respond to whatever happens in useful ways.

Passion: We are passionate about leading and serving others. We bring exceptionally high levels of energy to our work, and to our roles as coach, mentor and guide to individuals and teams.

Authenticity: We live up to what we promise. We say what is so. What you see is what you get. We have the courage of our own convictions and a quite confidence that breeds trust and instills peace of mind in others.

Intuition: We often know instinctively what is the right thing to do and we trust our instincts. We learn more from when we are wrong than when we are right and we help others use their intuition in work, life and relationships.

Courage: We are comfortable with risk. We know that in risk there is life, learning and truth. We have our own Big, Hairy, Audacious Dreams and encourage others to trust in thiers.