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"the Secret"  
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Well, the Secret behind "the Secret" is here.  

The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
This Special Collection of eBooks Includes The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great, The Science of Being Well Plus - A New Christ, Jesus: The Man and His Work all written by Wallace D. Wattles - and as an added Bonus you get an additional 12 of the Greatest Classic, Inspirational & Spiritual eBooks ever written, available in one complete Collection. Plus 2 additional Bonus eBooks if you buy Today (a total of 19 eBooks)

Donald Gordon Carty, founder of the Personal Development Institute, is an avid reader and passionate student of Human Potential and Development. He is not only one of the best presenters of Personal Development information in the World, but he is also a man on a mission;  to awaken people to a new way of thinking about what it is to be human and what it takes to make life and work more rewarding and fulfilling. After nearly four decades of  analysis, research and practical experience Donald is bringing  this key information for achieving success and fulfillment to the individual person who needs it most.  "The Science Of Getting Rich Collection" and 8 of the Greatest Classic Success, Spiritual & Inspirational eBooks ever written contains everything you need for your personal empowerment journey in one single Collection.




Your Key to Financial Success, Health, Well-Being and Spiritual Awareness Through The Power of Creative Thought. These ebooks teach the ultimate principles, cause, effects, and Universal Laws that underlie all Success & Empowerment.

The Science of Getting Rich eWorkbook Edition.


You are the sum total of your own thoughts. You are where you are because that’s exactly where you really want or feel you deserve to be – whether you’ll admit it or not. You must live off the fruit of your thoughts because your thoughts determine your actions.

In this power-packed eworkbook Wallace Wattles explains how you can learn to think and act in a Certain Way – from the perspective of thinking and acting in the creative world of Truth which is infinite and unlimited regardless of appearances, instead of thinking and acting in the Illusionary competitive world which is finite and limited by appearances. When you think and act in the Certain Way, he explains, you become truly rich, and bring the power of lasting transformation into your life.

You already possess all the thoughts necessary to change your life for the better. Because That which lives in you is seeking more life; looking for ways of expressing itself in something else. You are a thinking center, capable of original thought; if you can communicate your thought to original thinking substance, you can cause the creation, or formation, of the thing you think about. But you must learn to think and act in a Certain Way. You begin by learning What to Think.

When you practice the instructions in this eworkbook you will certainly get rich; and the riches you receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of your vision, the fixity of your purpose, the steadiness of your faith, and the depth of your gratitude.

"This eWorkbook contains bonus material - an article "Winning Love", a quick personality profile "Discovering Your Hidden Self", exercises for Concentration & Breathing, "Review" and "Reflection" progress markers,  and fill in the blanks at the end of each chapter"

Because you are about to be exposed to a wealth of practical knowledge, it might be easier for you if you take it in small bites. This will assist you in making a gradual transition from the person you are today to the person you are about to become. For maximum effect I would suggest that you try to read as close to bedtime as possible. Marvelous things happen when you put your subconscious mind to work, and when  you awake you will be amazed at how much of the material you have retained. Don’t hurry, but do read every day.  

Avoid if at all possible, falling into the trap of reading this ebook in the same casual manner that you might read most volumes of fiction or even nonfiction. You should print out one section at a time (put into a three ring binder) and whenever you open this eworkbook be certain that you have a pencil, highlighter and if possible a journal, for you will observe that ideas will begin to flash into your mind as you read. Write in the margins, underline, highlight the points that jump at you. These simple acts, alone, will triple your retention of that thought or principle. After all, this is your own personal textbook for a richer tomorrow.

Study this e book. Make it your constant companion until you have mastered all the ideas contained in it. While you are getting firmly established in this faith, you will do well to give up most recreations and pleasure; and to stay away from places where ideas conflicting with these are advanced in lectures or sermons. Do not read pessimistic or conflicting literature, or get into arguments upon the matter. Do very little reading, outside of the writers  included in this collection. Spend most of your leisure time in contemplating your vision, and in cultivating gratitude, and in reading this e book. It contains all you need to know of the science of getting rich.

Go on in full faith.

Donald Gordon Carty


"I can't imagine needing any other personal development resource after purchasing The Science Of Getting Rich Collection. It has every piece of wisdom you'll ever need to make your life extraordinary." 

Are you ready to learn the the principles, causes, effects and Universal laws for empowerment and success.

We can derive absolutely no benefit from books, seminars, experiences, environment, or anything else until we have created brain cells capable of receiving the thought. 

Our world within is an exact correspondence of our world without. Suppose for a moment that you are unfamiliar with the Hebrew language. 

A book might be given to you with the most beautiful thoughts written in the most wonderful language, but it would mean nothing to you until you have made yourself acquainted with the Hebrew language, and so with everything else. 

No thought, no idea, no experience has any value for us until we are capable of receiving it. 

For this reason the same thought would make absolutely no impression upon one man, while it would be received with amazement and delight by another. The first man has formed no brain cells capable of receiving it. The second man is ready for it. He understands the beauties contained in the idea.

"The mood and richness of the original works have been preserved in this magnificent Collection." 

You can now Learn from these Amazing Authors, too.

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he" asserts James Allen 

"The object of all life is development; and everything that lives has an inalienable right to all the development it is capable of attaining."- Wallace D. Wattles

Thomas Troward explains that; "the next step in advance must necessarily be by the individual becoming aware that he has power to mold the conditions of his own consciousness and environment by the creative power of his thought."

"When we come to see that Thought is a force - a manifestation of energy - having a magnet-like power of attraction, we will begin to understand the why and wherefore of many things that have heretofore seemed dark to us". - William Walker Atkinson

"Everyone has two natures. One wants us to advance and the other wants to pull us back." - Theron Q. Dumont

"To be great at all one must be great here, now, where we live." - Russell Conwell

William James writes; “ We need only in cold blood act as if the thing in question were real, and it will become infallibly real by growing into such a connection with our life that it will become real. It will become so knit with habit and emotion that our interests in it will be those which characterize belief.” He continues….”only you must, then, really wish these things, and wish them exclusively, and not wish at the same time a hundred incompatible things just as strongly.”

"Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve." declares Napoleon Hill

"When your understanding grasps the power to visualize your hearts desire and hold it with your will, it attracts to you all things requisite to the fulfillment of that picture by the harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction" explains Genevieve Behrend

"Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it."
- Ernest Holmes  

Elizabeth Towne says; "If a man would have you go a mile with him, go two miles willingly; let your Good Will radiate; and by the time you have finished your second mile his Solar Plexus will be vibrating with yours, and you will both be the wiser and more loving for your journey".

"Personal development can occur only through the improvement of the quality of individual thought and the ideals, actions and conditions that arise as a consequence. Hence a study of the creative processes of thought and how to apply them is of supreme importance to each one of us."

The mind expanding concepts go on and on.  These ebooks even include suggested steps that millions of us have followed and that anyone who wants success should follow, too.  

From Wallace D. Wattles.

"Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

In order to do this, man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind; he must form a clear mental picture of the things he wants, and hold this picture in his thoughts with the fixed PURPOSE to get what he wants, and the unwavering FAITH that he does get what he wants, closing his mind to all that may tend to shake his purpose, dim his vision, or quench his faith.

That he may receive what he wants when it comes, man must act NOW upon the people and things in his present environment. "

"A Lifetime of Learning from Wallace D. Wattles in one Complete Collection." 

The Science Of Getting Rich Collection also includes these Works from Wallace D. Wattles.

"The Science of Being Well" by Wallace D. Wattles - The Science of Being Well, written in the same spirit of The Science of Getting Rich and Science of Being Great, is geared for healthier living. A great addition to the collection. 

"The Science of Being Great" by Wallace D. Wattles - This is truly a treasure: A powerful message that will be of value to every person who seeks true fulfillment and the awakening of highest potential. "think, Think, THINK" is the message.

"Jesus: The Man and His Work" by Wallace D. Wattles - In these days of idol smashing and rapid readjustment of ideals this lecture is most timely. Delivered at the Auditorium, Cincinnati, November 11, 1905,it made so favorable an impression on certain listeners that they determined to have it printed if Professor Wattles would furnish the manuscript. 

"A New Christ" by Wallace D. Wattles - This series will not be an attempt to prove something about Christ; it will be an effort to ascertain by scientific study, what He was, how He lived, and what He taught. Too many people have studied Jesus from the standpoint of some preconceived notion of Him or His mission, such an attitude always leads to erroneous conclusions. 

Plus 10 of the Greatest ebooks from the World's most Influential Authors.

"The Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes - Using creative techniques, Holmes guides you in easy-to-follow steps toward mastering the powers of the mind to find purpose in life. Includes explanations on how to pray and meditate, heal oneself spiritually, find self confidence, and express love.

"Your Invisible Power" by Genevieve Behrend - If you are new to the Science of Mind teachings, or the New Thought teachings as to how your thoughts create your world this book is a must have. Ms. Behrend takes you right to the heart of manifesting "things" or conditions that you want in your Life!

"The mood and richness of the original works have been preserved in this magnificent Collection." 

"Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill - This is one of the most famous books ever written; even today, many successful businessmen attribute their success to this book! Here are money-making secrets that can change your life.

"Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning" by Thomas Troward - The title is self-explanatory: it sets out to expound many of the mysteries contained in the Bible, and it succeeds! An excellent launching pad to a deeper meaning.  

"The Varieties of Religious Experience" by William James - It's an intellectual call for serious religious tolerance--indeed, respect--the vitality of which has not diminished through the subsequent decades! 

"Acres of Diamonds" by Russell Conwell - In these pages we learn the virtues of earning money through honest, hard work. We learn to look for opportunities to serve others in our own back yard by simply finding a need and filling it. If you wish to be great, begin with who you are right now, where you are right now. Follow these principles, and you will uncover your own acres of diamonds.

"The Creative Process in the Individual" by Thomas Troward - Asserts that heaven is a state of consciousness and conditions where we experience Light, Joy, Peace, Abundance etc. in life now.  And since heaven is eternal, that means it is past, present and future and forever: This one is revolutionary. 

"The Power of Concentration" by Theron Q. Dumont - A book about concentration: its importance, and how to train the mind to concentrate.

"As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen - Partly responsible for the creation of the entire personal development industry.  Most contemporary Personal Development authors and teachers credit this little book for providing foundation to their principles.

"Thought Vibration" by William W. Atkinson - Contents: Law of attraction in the thought world; Thought-waves and their power of reduction; About the mind; Mind building; Secret of the will; Law, not chance; Training the habit mind; and much more.  

"Just How to Wake the Solar Plexus" by Elizabeth Towne - There is a real sun center in us, the Solar (or Sun) Plexus. This is a great nerve center situated in back of the stomach. When this central Sun, from which all the nerves of the body radiate, is in its normal condition, it steadily radiates a real energy, just as the sun does.

"The Eye of Revelation or Fountain of Youth" by Peter Kelder -   Tibetan monks have passed down a series of exercises with mystical, age-reversing properties. Known as the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation or the Five Rites, these once-secret exercises are now available to you in this remarkable ebook.  

"Own the best ebook Collections on achieving happiness, a sense of purpose and riches. Explore the landmark books in empowerment, prosperity and leadership. Discover the great works of personal awakening and enlightenment." 

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The key to all you need to get what you want out of life; Health, Wealth, and Love, is already within you. 

Go on in full faith.  

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Testimonials about "The Science Of Getting Rich Collection" 

Elizabeth Towne, in her magazine Nautilus, published the articles of Wallace D. Wattles in almost every issue in the early 1900's and until his untimely death in 1911. Here are excerpts from a letter written to Mrs.Towne by his daughter, Florence, shortly after his death. She writes: 

My dear Mrs. Towne,

Your letter of the 14th received . . . perhaps a little later I can write the romantic story of my Father's life and make it really worthwhile. You knew, didn't you, that he lost a good position in the Methodist Church because of his "heresy"?

He met George D. Herron at a convention of reformers in Chicago in 1896 and caught Herron's social vision. I shall never forget the morning he came home. It was Christmas. Mother had put her last dollar into a cuff box and we had placed it beneath an evergreen branch which served for our Christmas tree and which we had illuminated with tallow candles and strung with popcorn. Finally Father came. With that beautiful smile he praised the tree, said the cuff box was just what he had been wanting - and took us all in his arms to tell us of the wonderful social message of Jesus, the message which he later embodied in "A New Christ."

From that day until his death he worked unceasingly to realize the glorious vision of human brotherhood. For years his life was cursed by poverty and the fear of poverty. He was always scheming and planning to get for his family those things which make the abundant life possible.

In the first chapter of "How to be a Genius" (Editors Note: aka "The Science of Being Great") he says: "Man's greatest happiness is found in the bestowal of benefits on those he loves." The supreme faith of the man never left him; never for a moment did he lose confidence in the power of the master Intelligence to right every wrong and to give to every man and woman his or her share of the good things of life.

When we came to Elwood (Indiana) three years ago, Father began a Sunday night lectureship inn Indianapolis. This was our only source of income. Later he began to write for Nautilus and to word out his own philosophy. He wrote almost constantly. Then it was that he formed his mental picture. He saw himself as a successful writer, a personality of power, an advancing man, and he began to work toward the realization of this vision . . . . He lived every page of "How to be a Genius." In the last three years he made lots of money, and had good health, except for his extreme frailty.

I have written this hurriedly, but I think it will give you an idea of the life struggle of a great man - his failure and success. His life was truly THE POWERFUL LIFE, and surely we can say, at least in Elwood, "The name of him who loved his fellow men led all the rest."

With all good wishes, I am,
Very sincerely,

"Life-changing wisdom never goes out of style! This classic work has truly stood the test of time, selling tens of millions of copies and remaining in constant demand.

You deserve to be rich, and this revolutionary primer on prosperity consciousness that has been enriching millions since it was first published in 1910. Wattles takes the mystery out of prosperity and describes the "exact science" of achieving financial success through creative thought. Named one of the all-time best business books by Brian Tracy!"
- S.W.

"Wattles, in all his writings, is the master of simplicity in explaining that we are gods amongst gods, provided with everything we require in discovering our destiny.
"That which is in you impelling you forward is in the things and people you need, impelling them toward you."

"Nothing was ever in any man that is not in you; no man ever had more spiritual or mental power than you can attain, or did greater things than you can accomplish. You can become what you want to be"

First published in 1911, it is tinted with language of the day, but do not let that prevent you from discovering gold. It is one of those old "secret" books that have been fortunately reprinted. You need to read it at least twice before you appreciate what is transpiring. Behind the transparent words is an empire of knowledge."
- E.J.

"The words within are just as applicable today as they were back then (and even before). I've also read (and love) "The Science of Getting Rich", by the same author. Someday I will buy "The Science of Being Well", also by Wattles. If you can find any of these treasures, buy them" - S.G.

"I suspect that this little book has been discovered and rediscovered by every generation since it was written a hundred years ago, and will continue to be rediscovered by every generation for a hundred years to come. It is a little gem. 

Directing his words purely towards financial success, Wallace Wattles teaches lessons that go to the heart of achieving success in any endeavor. But more than this, his words are designed to transform and expand our view of the universe and of life itself. Do not expect any financial advice of the traditional kind from this book. Expect instead an object lesson in the power of thought. Every non-essential ingredient has been pared away to provide for us a succinct and vital summary of required thought and action. 

The book is short, but that is not to say that it is not repetitious. It is, however, repetitious with a purpose. Wallace Wattles is passionate about instilling his simple principles upon our minds. So every idea is expressed, summarized and then summarized again. This edition (The Science of Getting Rich Workbook with Donald Gordon Carty) includes  fill in the blank test questions at the end of each chapter so that we might reinforce our own learning. 

Until I read this book, I had always thought that the expansive and abundant view of the universe had lain dormant until Einstein reopened that level of scientific understanding. This book came before Einstein's theories, and shows that abundance has always been grasped with absolute clarity by a fortunate few. 

Read this book and re-read it, and you can soon count yourself among that number." - J.A.

"Although this book was written nearly 100 years ago, it is timeless and it remains the very best book on the topic I've ever read--and believe me, I've read many many business books as well as create-your-own-success books! I recommend this to all my business clients, and have used these techniques myself with great success. It's even better than Think and Grow Rich!  Read this book to not only create success for yourself, but make our country better, too!" - B.B.

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You can purchase the entire collection Now for only $39.50  $29.95. Order today and receive an addition 2 bonus ebooks  - "Hunza Health Secrets" and "Centenarian Foods". That's "The Science Of Getting Rich" eWorkbook, plus the 4 additional ebooks by Wallace D. Wattles, plus the 12 ebooks described above and your 2 Bonus ebooks. (A total of 19 ebooks if you order today)

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Why buy now? Because right now you can begin to build and experience a whole new fulfilling life. One you will embrace and treasure for having the courage to discover. You can begin that new life by purchasing "The Science Of Getting Rich" Collection.  The secret to all you need to get what you want out of life; Health, Wealth, and Love, is already within you. Go on in full faith!

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