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 Free "Achieve Your Goals" PDF eWorkbook

How wide is the gap between where you are now and 
where you need to be?  

Individuals who apply the skills and techniques taught in this workbook will be 600 times more likely to achieve their goals.  You’ll build self – confidence and multiply the chances of success with this practical and relevant approach to setting and achieving goals.

This popular – Goals Management System puts the purpose and practice of setting goals into perspective.  You will emerge with a clear action plan and the tools and techniques to stay motivated to achieve your goals.  According to our customer feedback, this is “one of the best workbooks available on this subject.”

This workbook was designed to teach anyone-whether changing careers, or wanting to improve their personal lives – the tools and techniques they need to achieve their goals.  Since the future is often hazy and reasonable goals are so difficult to set and follow, it is critical that people learn how to focus themselves and their skills to this end.

Research has shown that people who are committed to a goal are six hundred percent more likely to succeed!  "Achieve Your Goals" not only teaches people to clearly define their goals. It shows them how to build commitment – both individual commitment and commitment from the individuals’ peers.  Tests have shown that people who are committed to change and get feedback from others are twelve times more likely to achieve their goals.

The five principle objectives of "Achieve Your Goals: The Complete Goal Management System are":

  1. Learn the importance of goal setting.
  2. Learn how to establish achievable, measurable goals.
  3. Establish individual goals by creating a strategy and timetable for accomplishing those goals.
  4. Multiply your chances of success.
  5.  Increase your competitive edge.

"If you do today what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten." Do yourself a favor and do things differently today!

Personal Coaching

The Cutting Edge for Personal Growth and Development

Personal Coaching has become the cutting edge advantage for successful individuals. Personal Coaching allows focused individualized attention to promote in-depth self-awareness and fine-tuned performance enhancement. Please follow the instructions on the form. 

Answers to Your Free Coaching Question Yields:

  • Invaluable feedback about you.
  • Where you are NOW in your personal development journey.
  • Recommendations for the next step in your quest for personal fulfillment.

For ongoing Personal Coaching support please visit here and take the Free Tour and Ask Your Free Question.

There is nothing as motivating as an impending event to encourage you to get a task done. The best way to harness this is to declare your goal to someone you trust, ask them to be your coach and expect that you will achieve the goal as well as expected and by the due date.

Your coach can be someone you love, a work colleague, a respected mentor, or just a good buddy. The primary task of the coach is to remind you that you are committed to achieving your goal. It's fun and sometimes more helpful, if they also encourage you, share your rewards and help celebrate when you achieve your goal.

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