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WAKE Up And Live! 
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An Exciting New Message from Donald Gordon Carty

by Donald Gordon Carty

"I finally decided to release the amazing book that changed my life---one of the 10 most powerful books of all time---and give you the other 9 FREE, too!"

WAKE Up and Live!,” is the title of Dorothea Brande’s inspirational book that has propelled millions of people over the past half century to make the most of their lives.

Say YES, and in a few minutes you'll know how to "Wake Up and Live" -- and eliminate worry, stress, and strain -- with the help of this woman's wisdom! 

Dear Friend,

I just released Dorothea Brande's long lost 1936 book--- called "Wake Up and Live: A Formula For Success That Works"---as an e-book. Here are the details:

When I moved from Canada to my current Atlanta Home, I only packed fifteen books with me -- out of my collection of thousands -- for the trip. One of them was Brande's incredible little book, "Wake Up and Live."

I found a copy of this amazing book many years ago. It profoundly influenced my life. It taught me how to focus on the essence of something I wanted---rather than on the appearance of something---in order to magnetize myself to receive what I truly desired.

Brande has one powerful suggestion: "Act as if it were impossible to fail. If you were assured of success, if it was impossible to fail, what would you have done? Then do that."

As a result of using Brande's methods---simple as they may seem---I have a more fruitful and successful life, a new relationship, improved health, book sales, passive income, and a whole lot more.

Here's what people have said about Brande's book before I released it as an eBook:

"I used to say to people that I would never lend this book, even to my Mother! But then I lent it to a 'friend' years ago - who I have forgotten and the book is gone. This is the best self-help book I have ever read. It is profoundly simple. I have been quite successful in my life and even speak to others about success but this book always pushed me back on track when I needed a quick fix. So now I am without it and only have the memory of it and can't bring myself to purchase it used for 60 plus dollars. So if you feel sorry for me and want to sell a copy for much less than that - let me know!"

"If you've poured over the various self help books out there, studied them and even followed their advice, yet ended up in the same place that you were before, then you might find this little jewel an enlightened piece that, well, actually WORKS! So strange that this great work has been lost in the shuffle of time, and is no longer in print. The advice is rock solid and immediately applicable. I've read it several times when my life gets off track, and every time it gets me back on track. Worth every penny."

"I like "Wake Up and Live" because it has a solid base for living life the way you want WITHOUT stress and undue tribulations caused by everyday strains. I think that this book is the best self-help book I have ever read. It is written in easy to understand language and it REALLY WORKS!!

I ran across "Wake-up and Live" about 30 years ago. I keep my copy close by. When I am having a difficult time with an issue I can always find a solid answer in it.

This book gives you simple, down to earth answers to why you react the way you do to everyday situations. If you want to change how you are reacting to a situation, then this is the book to get to do just that. It will give you new insights into yourself and make you accountable for every step of your life. It is a life changing, sensable book you can keep with you all the time. It helps you wether your are just getting started on improving your life or already have already started with whatever program you are doing. It will enhance your life and make it very ENJOYABLE. So, "Wake Up and Live" your life to its fullest because "Wake UP and Live" will see to it that you do just that."

A friend of mine read over the book before putting it online and wrote me saying:

"A practical handbook for every man and woman who wants to find success and happiness in life. Simply written and easy to read, it shows you how to overcome the obstacles that are holding you down. It will prove to you that the USE, not the quantity, of your brains is what counts most toward successful living. This book will help you reach your goals and achieve success through: profitable thinking; new personal standards; energy conservation; new speech habits; creative self-discipline; revitalized imagination; positive action. "

What's the story on this almost miraculous old book?

IT TOOK Dorothea Brande twenty years to write Wake Up and Live! During that time she wrote some forty-two short pieces of work, not one of which was complete. And then, discovering that she had reserves of energy she had not even begun to tap, she addressed herself to her writing with the slogan: Act as if it were impossible to fail. Wake Up and Live! has proved to be a contagious work because of that very enthusiasm. A case in point is that of the stenographer whose job it was to type the manuscript for the printer. The young lady was so impressed by what she was typing that she quit her job, went into business for herself, and in two months owned her own agency, em­ploying three girls to help her. Nor is this an isolated case, as the hundreds of letters, which have poured in to the publisher’s offices, demonstrate. The book definitely has something. 

“Wake Up and Live,” is an inspirational book that has propelled millions of people over the past half century to make the most of their lives. Originally published in 1936 it went on to sell over two million copies and in 1937 was made into a musical by Twentieth Century Fox. 

"Wake Up and Live" went out of print over 30 years ago and used copies are selling from $150.00 to over $300.00. 

That is, until I released it as an ebook.

It is very easy reading, very tightly written, and very enlightening. 

Here are a few of the chapter titles:

Chapter 1: Why Do We Fail 3. Victims Of  The Will to Fail 5. Righting The Direction 6. The System In Operation 9. The Task of  The Imagination 11. Twelve Disciplines.

Within these chapters is pure compressed dynamite. I mean it. Here are a few excerpts to give you a sense of the staggering power of this rare material:

Marcus Aurelius warned in his maxims: “ Do not Act as if you had a Thousand years to Live”. Many of us are caught in the grip of a “Will to Fail,” because we act as if we had an inexhaustible store of precious hours ahead. It is comfortable and easy to fail. We do not have to exert effort. We are not the objects of envy. And there are a hundred alibis handy for rationalizing our failure. We can pass away our time in evening drinking sessions with fellow failures who agree we are victims of fate. We were not given the chance to be successful. We blame our parents, our poverty, our genes, and a number of other plausible reasons for our lack of success. It is a seed of failure in each one of us that is at the root of our being satisfied with filling our lives so full of secondary activities or substitute activities that there will be no time in which to perform the best work of which we are capable. The intention in short is to Fail.

get into the mood of success”. Think of the times in the past that you were successful in what you did. Maybe it was climbing a hill, patching up a quarrel, winning an oratorical contest, earning your first salary, landing a contract, winning the hand of your wife, and vice versa getting the attention of your crush, and a number of other instances of small and big successes. The more of our senses we involve in the experience, the greater its impact on us. If we imagine the sights, sounds, and smells of success, it leaves a far deeper impression than if we simply describe it to ourselves.

The mind expanding concepts goes on and on. The book even includes twelve suggested steps that millions of us have followed and that anyone who wants success should follow, too.

You can now learn from this amazing author, too. I've taken Brande's magical book, and just now put it online for sale as an e-book. You can download it right now by simply clicking the ORDER NOW link below.

You may have read books on self help before---maybe even my own "Your personal Road Map for Success" workbook---but I GUARANTEE you've never read a book like THIS one before.

You can now own a copy of the book, too, as an e-book. It's only $29.95 and you can have it to read on your computer (or print out and read wherever you like) in just a few minutes.

What if it really can help you get more of what you want?

Wouldn't that be worth only $29.95??

Order right now and you can also have the other 9 ebooks that deeply influenced my life. They were written by Charles F. Haanel, Napoleon Hill,  Genevieve Behrend, Christian Larson, Emile Coue, Marcus Aurelius, Sun Tzu, Wallace D. Wattles, Thomas Troward. These are truly awesome, and they are yours, FREE, when you order "Wake Up and Live" right now.

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In Searching There Is Discovery,

Donald Gordon Carty

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