"A Single Action can radiate into everything you will ever be, do or have in Life. Your Actions are the 'pebbles' you toss into the sea of your Life, creating a rippling effect through time and space." Donald G. Carty


Where continuous achievement of personal and organizational excellence is a predictable result.......

What we do really isn't about training programs or products. What we do is impact people's lives in often profound ways. We impact your understanding and acceptance of other people, your ability to work effectively with clients, your business processes and institutions, and your success in selling your products or services. 

The materials developed by dg carty consulting have been tested in diverse workplaces over 25 years through our project experience and observations in management services.

At dg carty consulting, our goal is to change your professional capabilities, your business impact....and your life.

We believe that in today's business world, every professional must be a self-manager. Thinking. Thriving. Independently motivated. Individuals not pushed from behind, but pulled ahead by their own aspirations. 

At dg carty consulting we help organizations reach their business potential through development of the skills and knowledge of their professionals. Imagine the impact such high achieving, self-motivated people could have on your organization's performance.


Productivity and Process Improvement

Today's Challenges Are Great. Globalization. International competition. A changing workforce. Technological revolution. How are these challenges impacting you and your organization? How wide is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. We can sharpen your focus, lower your overhead, and increase your productivity. We can help you assess needs and create individual, team, and organizational goals aligned with your corporate values. At dg carty consulting we can help you develop a comprehensive road map for change. Contact Evaluation Services.


Coaching and Mentoring

Discovering how best to journey through this experience we call "life." Raise your aspirations. In times past, only those who were troubled and hurt sought the help of a professional to help them heal and take charge of their lives once again; However, in today’s world of enlightenment, we recognize that we do not have to be broken or wounded to seek help in creating the lives we imagine. In today’s world, people turn to the professionals of all walks of life to assist them with everything from diet, personal fitness, to investment of money. Why then, shouldn’t we turn to a professional to assist us with our most important asset - - our life’s journey? If you have a desire to shift your life and chart your own course to the destination of your choosing and would like assistance in making that desire a reality, please contact dg carty consulting. Contact Evaluation Services.


Team Building

Develop your people into a cohesive, goal oriented team. We at  dg carty consulting will help you identify and quantify the key team building dimensions in your work environment. Collect and summarize the data. And we will have the single most powerful and authoritative document on the potential for performance improvement brought about by improved teams working for your organization.

The results will provide us with many ideas for team building AND performance improvement, (which is what ultimately team building is all about.) Contact Evaluation Services.


Sales Performance

The Relationships Built by Your Sales Team Can Last a Lifetime! Selling is all about relationships...developing trust and confidence and eventually loyalty. While it is not difficult, for many it is not instinctive. The good news is that selling skills can be learned and improved by the newest and most experienced members of your team. At dg carty consulting we believe that all development is self development and that people learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn it. No where is there a clearer connection to the benefits of learning than in your sales department. An immediate payoff can be seen by both the individual and the organization. But the skill development must match the performance deficit. Mistargeted training interventions are not only a poor investment of your resources, but they can also demotivate a professional that excels in the skills being taught. Contact Evaluation Services.


Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity Training and Consulting Increases Workplace Productivity! Diversity training and consulting are crucial components to the efficient operation and motivation of today's increasingly diverse workforce. Organizations utilizing diversity training to help employees and team members overcome conflicts and focus on the positive aspects of a diverse workforce reap tremendous benefits in employee satisfaction and productivity. Organizations who don't make diversity a focus are out performed by diversity-focused organizations and experience higher levels of employee dissatisfaction,  higher turnover rates and lower productivity. dg carty consulting  has specific inclusion and diversity  programs that can be tailored to the organization. Contact Evaluation Services.


So Let's Talk!

dg carty consulting has been providing Training & Development Solutions - Systems since 1976. Contact Evaluation Services.

Self diagnosis materials, on-site seminars, workshops, consulting and keynote speaking.

It's simple! dg carty consulting can help make your people better. We can customize any of our programs and bring our trainer right to your company's front door, or provide self-diagnosis and facilitation materials. Our trainers/facilitators would also be delighted to add spark to your next corporate or association meeting with a stimulating keynote speech designed just for you. Whether you have 3 or 300 people to train, dg carty consulting is the answer. Contact Evaluation Services.

Our first discussion will not result in any financial obligation to you.

The purpose of the preliminary discussion is to determine your objectives, the areas of weakness and strength, the improvements possible and whether we can help in reducing your costs, improving your operations, increasing your sales and increasing your profits. Our goal is to help you reach your personal, or organizational goals through the development of skills and knowledge. Our discussions will focus primarily on things as they can become, not as they are now. dg carty consulting can provide a full range of in-house consulting services or self-diagnosis materials if necessary. Contact Evaluation Services.


 Evaluate   Implement     Modify     Communicate

Our Vision

Our purpose is to awaken people to a new way of thinking about what it is to be human and what it takes to make life and work more rewarding and fulfilling.

In our vision we see great thinkers, leaders and mentors provoking new ideas and new solutions to the challenges of working in groups, organizations and communities. We see dg carty consulting playing a significant role in the evolution of this new consciousness and serving people as they embrace their own quest for success and fulfillment.

dg carty consulting  leads the way; setting standards for best practice in developing peak performance in individuals and teams. We are renowned for our expertise in coaching and guiding personal and organizational growth.

At dg carty consulting,

  • We go on developing ever-better ways to unleash the hidden potential of individuals and organizations
  • We are forever raising the standards for top coaching and mentoring
  • We continue to explore better ways to create unstoppable teams
This is our PACT with you. We will help your team unleash the Passion to think the unthinkable, develop the Authenticity to act with originality and integrity, find the Courage to do things differently, and build the Trust to make great things happen together. Our PACT is our definition of leadership.

Consulting Philosophy

The Greek philosopher Socrates taught his students by asking them questions and then pointing out the contradictions in their answers. That same method has long played a prominent role in our disciplines.

The Assignment

Each assignment has three general goals: 

  • first, to determine your objectives; 

  • second, to uncover any barriers to timely and cost effective achievement of those objectives; 

  • third, to overcome the barriers.

What do we mean by Barriers?

One way to look at barriers to your objectives is to think of them as contradictions. Some members of your management group may contradict your organizational goals by assigning employees tasks that conflict with those goals. Employees - through lack of skills, improper equipment, poor motivation or weak leadership - may also contradict management by not doing what they are supposed to do. In this light, serving you means correcting the contradictions in your operations.

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dg carty consulting has been providing Training & Development Solutions - Systems since 1976.

Self diagnosis materials, on - site seminars, workshops, consulting and keynote speaking.

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